Multivitamin Tablets For Women
Multivitamin Tablets For Women
Multivitamin Tablets For Women
Multivitamin Tablets For Women
Multivitamin Tablets For Women
Multivitamin Tablets For Women
Multivitamin Tablets For Women
Multivitamin Tablets For Women
Multivitamin Tablets For Women
Multivitamin Tablets For Women

Multivitamin Tablets For Women

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Product highlights
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Enhances Energy
  • Supports Joints & Bone Health
  • Promotes Antiaging

Concerns: Low Energy & Stamina, Poor Immunity, Anti-Ageing, Weak Bones & Hormonal Imbalance

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Product Description   (Multivitamin Tablets For Women)

A woman’s body experiences several changes throughout her lifetime. From the changes in their dietary demands during menstruation to pregnancy & menopause, they need to eat a healthy balanced diet filled up with nutrients. Although, women today lead hectic lifestyles as they multitask to manage both their personal & professional lives.
Their busy routines often make it difficult for them to eat healthily, hence resulting in nutritional deficiencies. It affects their health & overall well-being and pauses the pace of their life. This is when they require specialized women-based multivitamin supplements for them. Multivitamins are nutritional supplements comprised of various minerals & vitamins that ensure they get their daily recommended dosage of these nutrients.
Dr. Morepen Multivitamin Woman is an advanced scientific formula to fulfill the daily nutritional deficiencies in modern women. Our uniquely designed formula contains 21 essential vitamins & minerals along with plant-based botanicals to boost immunity, energy & strength; support heart, brain & joint health; strengthen bones & enhance skin health. Just 1 tablet every day to keep you radiating and active all day.

Key Ingredients of Dr. Morepen’s Multivitamin Women
Biotin: It is a B7 Vitamin that stimulates keratin production which helps promote hair growth & maintain healthy skin and nails.
Glutathione: This naturally occurring antioxidant reduces oxidative stress that helps improve overall complexion, reduces dark spots/blemishes & brightens skin tone.
Astaxanathin: This broad-spectrum antioxidant acts as a natural internal sun filter to limit damage through sunburn and promote healthy skin aging.
Green Tea: It contains polyphenols and antioxidants that help in reducing inflammation and prevent cell damage. It also helps in boosting the metabolic rate to burn fat faster and in improving skin’s elasticity and texture.

Benefits of Dr. Morepen’s Multivitamin Women
Boosts Immunity: The unique blend of vitamins, minerals & botanical extracts helps increase antioxidant levels and reduce inflammation & oxidative stress caused by free radicals.
Enhances Energy: This powerful formula with 100% RDA help increase energy levels, improve focus & fight fatigue throughout the day.
Promotes Anti-aging: This unique blend of Biotin & potent antioxidants like Astaxanthin, Glutathione, Green tea, Soy Isoflavones, etc. works wonders in brightening the skin tone, improving skin elasticity & strengthening hair/nails.
Improves Joints & Bone Health: Essential nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin D, and Magnesium help improve bone mineral density & antioxidants like Astaxanthin, Soy Isoflavone reduce inflammation in joints and help prevent osteoporosis.

All the ingredients in Dr. Morepen Multivitamin Woman are completely safe. Dr. Morepen’s Multivitamin Woman has been made under the ISO & GMP Certified Facility. It is a Non-GMO, Sugar-Free, & Toxin Free product. Dr. Morepen has a legacy of 35 years admired for its quality, efficacy, affordability & accessibility of products.

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Benefits   (Multivitamin Tablets For Women)

Composition per serving: Vitamin A 100 mcg Vitamin B1 1 mg Vitamin B2 1.2 mg Vitamin B3 10 mg Vitamin B5 2 mg Vitamin B6 1 mg Folic Acid 75 mcg Vitamin B12 1 mcg Vitamin C 20 mg Vitamin D2 10 mcg Vitamin E 10 mg MINERALS Calcium 100 mg Copper 0.5 mg Chromium 50 mcg Magnesium 30 mg Iodine 75 mcg Iron 10 mg Selenium 15 mcg Zinc 5 mg Molybdenum 35 mcg Grape seed Extract 10 mg Alpha lipoeic Acid 10 mg Pine bark Extract 10 mg Pomegranate 25 mg Bilberry 25 mg Astaxanthin 4 mg Glutathione 20 mg Soy isoflavone 20 mg Green Tea Extract 25 mg Lycopene 2 mg Brahmi 25 mg Creatine 50 mg Biotin 30 mcg Shatavari Extract 30 mg Brahmi Extract 8% 30 mg Zeaxanthin 3 mg Cissus quadrangularis Extract 20 mg Curcumin Extract 20 mg DL – Methionine 10 mg L – Arginine 10 mg Choline 5 mg Inositol 5 mg Lutein 1 mg


MANUFACTURER'S ADDRESS: Bliss Lifesciences LLP, 15 Mangal Compound, Indore, M.P. India

MARKETER'S ADDRESS: Dr. Morepen Limited, Antriksh Bhawan, 22 K.G. Marg, New Delhi - 110001.

BRAND INFO: For Dr. Morepen, recognizing opportunity comes from recognizing needs! With the advent of busy lifestyles and the increasing awareness of wellness, it was imperative that the Indian consumers had the option of getting the finest self-health care products within reach. Little wonder that Dr. Morepen stepped in. Build on a trust of 35 years, Dr. Morepen offer the best quality Fast Moving Health Goods to its customers!

FAQ's   (Multivitamin Tablets For Women)

Why should we consume?

50% of Indian Women have Lifestyle Diseases such as Heart Attacks, Obesity, Diabetes, and Others. Unhealthy Nutrition is the key reason for such Conditions. Multivitamins can bridge the gaps in Diet and help reduce these Risks. All Women should support their Diet with Multivitamins.

who can consume Multivitamin?

It is recommended for all women, who are unable to follow a Balanced Diet but want to stay Healthy. It supports your health and promotes an active lifestyle.

How to use?

Take 1 Tablet Daily. Take any time of the Day. Take with Water and a Meal for better Absorption. Recommended to take every day and Continuously for Best Results If you miss any dose don’t double up the dose the next day.

Benefits of Using Multivitamin women?

Multivitamins for Women help them lead a healthier lifestyle while maintaining a work-life balance. boost energy, support immunity, enhance bone health and heart health 22 herbs and extract helps to rejuvenate and revitalize, Lutein help improve eye health.

Does it contain any harsh chemicals and preservatives?

No, this formula is a combination of 11 vitamins 9 minerals, and 22 herbs & Extracts that do not contain any harsh chemical and preservatives free, NON-GMO, and Gluten-Free.

Is this a Veg product or Non Veg product

This is a veg product.

Do multivitamins have side effects?

yes if consume more than RDA

Can people with high blood pressure consume?


Can Diabetes patients consume ?


Can we take it in Periods?


Ratings & Reviews of   (Multivitamin Tablets For Women)

330 reviews for Multivitamin Tablets For Women

  1. Arya

    Highly recommended

  2. Arunima

    Hi! Being a doctor myself, I was careful to choose Morepen. I have been using Morepen’s products since over 2 years now for myself and my family and it’s safe to say we don’t function without them. Esp the Multivitamins for women are a part of my daily ritual. My energy levels are tremendously better, and my immunity has become better too. I would 10/10 recommend it!

  3. Anya

    This is the Best supplement for beginner. Who Want to Choose Fat Loss and gaining . Because In Fat Loss Program We Reduce The Quantity Of Food And we didn’t Notice Our body needs Vitamins And Minerals and Also we Are Proudly Indian so most of time we ignore the Healthy food So, This Is Good Multi-Vitamins which also Have Minerals And Amino Acid. Amino-Acid is giving to you Energetic Life-style and strength.

  4. Anvi

    I  am using multivitamin from last 6 month . It has boost my immune system and now i don’t often fall sick or get affected with cough and cold. I recommend every family to use multivitamin as a dietary supplement which will not only boost immune system but also suffice the daily vitamins need which will avoid frequent expenses which often occur due to low immunity.

  5. Anika

    One of the best product I ever purchased. Must for most individuals for the daily food that we consume may not have all the known essential vitamins, essential minerals, essential aminoacids, and antioxidants.

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Reviewing the best benefits of using vitamin tablets for women online

While juggling from one role to another, women tend to miss out on essential nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium in their diets. A deficiency of essential nutrients leads to several health problems such as low energy, weaker bones & memory, poor heart health, and many more. In such cases, most healthcare experts recommend to buy multivitamin tablets for women to replenish their bodies with essential nutrients for improved everyday performance. While it’s no surprise that many women today are using multivitamin tablets; it’s super important to choose the right kind of vitamins for you. In this article, we are bringing a few tips to guide you on buying the right multivitamin supplement and the best reasons to use multivitamins daily. Let’s start!

Tips to buy the best multivitamin tablets for women

Just like nourishing your body with vital nutrients are necessary, it’s crucial to ensure that you are picking the right supplement for you. Here are a few things you must consider while choosing multivitamin tablets for women online priced reasonably-

The right ingredients for your age and gender

While picking a multivitamin, ensure that the vitamin tablets contain the nutrients to suit your age and gender. For instance, premenopausal women need more iron while older women need more vitamin D and calcium to maintain bone and joint health. A dietician or your family doctor can evaluate your health condition and guide you on buying the right multivitamins for your age and gender.

Appropriate daily values of ingredients

Ladies, your body needs specific amounts of nutrients, and it’s important to pick a multivitamin for women with 100% of the daily nutrient intake except for a few such as calcium. If there is a large amount of calcium, the size of the supplement will become too large to swallow. Besides, magnesium and calcium levels should be kept low to avoid drug-nutrient interactions. Also, exceeding the daily recommended intake of nutrients do no good to the body, and the buildup of vitamins such as A, K, and E can cause toxicity in the body.

Essential micronutrients

When it comes to nourishing the body, we often give attention to the macros and lead miss out on micronutrients. Apart from well-known nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and protein, a good multivitamin for women should include Vitamin D2 or D3, thiamine, riboflavin, etc. Shilajit, a herbomineral comes packed with rich amounts of vitamins and trace minerals that deeply nourish your body for overall health. That’s probably one of the reasons why many women prefer using Shilajit capsules to stay supercharged all day long. While Shilajit capsules make a great rejuvenator for women, many men often club them with Testo Boost for added benefits.

Gender-specific multivitamins

Not all multivitamins are created equal and therefore, you need to pick a multivitamin to suit your gender. Women need a whole different set of multivitamins than men. For instance, women need more iron than men. Therefore, make sure that you’re picking the right multivitamin for your body type. Dr. Morepen’s multivitamin women comes enriched with more than 42 nutrients derived from herbal extracts and natural minerals. These

Best reasons to use multivitamin tablets for women every day

Sustaining energy and physical stamina throughout the day is super important yet challenging for most women. While you may find a little time to pay attention to your diet for proper nourishment, using multivitamins every day can render the given health benefits

Replenishing the body

Most women don’t get the daily allowance of essential nutrients from the food or diet alone due to a restricted diet such as Keto, intermittent fasting, poor appetite, and changing nutrition needs. In such cases, supplementing with multivitamins women makes the best way to replenish your body with vital macro and micronutrients. Supplementation helps bridge the nutritional gaps to avoid nutritional deficiencies and health problems.

Healthy aging & bones

As we age, our body’s nutritional needs increase due to several factors. For instance, your body’s bone mineral density starts depleting, resulting in weaker bones and an increased risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis. Regular supplementation of multivitamins in women that contain vitamin D and calcium can help increase bone mineral density and makes bones stronger. If your multivitamin does not have vitamin D or essential omegas like DHA &EPA, you can combine it with a cod liver oil capsule which makes a rich source of all these nutrients. It may be one of the reasons why most healthcare companies sell multivitamin women with cod liver oil capsules online.

Improved cardiac health

Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death across the globe. As you grow older, unhealthy fat or plaque gets accumulated in the coronary arteries, thus restricting blood flow and increasing the risk of fatal disorders such as stroke and heart attack. Folates, vitamin A and K2 in a multivitamin supplement help reduce arterial stiffness and slow the progression of vascular or vulvar calcification. Such reduction in the calcification of cardiac arteries lowers the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular mortality.

Improved energy levels

When your body doesn’t get enough nutrients every day, it results in lethargy and a lack of energy. A regular intake of multivitamins prescribed by your doctor or healthcare advisor can replenish your body with the vital nutrients that your body needs to stay active and energized.

Better immunity

If you’re keeping in good health, it is because of your body’s natural defense system which is constantly fighting disease-causing microbes. Most multivitamins for women come enriched with immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, D, and E that diligently power up your immune system and keep diseases, allergies, and infections at bay.

Improved eyesight

Growing age brings a whole new set of health problems such as age-related macular degeneration or weak eyesight. Multivitamins for women come fortified with essential nutrients such as vitamin A, niacin, vitamin E, and K which diligently work to improve eyesight and retinal health.

Improved reproductive health

It’s no surprise that women undergo a menstrual cycle each month and need more iron to compensate for the lost amounts of the RBC-producing mineral. Apart from that, a deficiency of vitamin B12 during pregnancy increases the risk of neural tube defects in babies. Besides, lower amounts of zinc during pregnancy can result in premature or underweight birth of babies.

Better cognition and mood

Ladies keep juggling roles throughout the day and need to store a lot of important information in their minds. A range of vitamins and minerals in the multivitamin supplements helps boost cognition and prevent brain fog or memory loss. Besides, multivitamin supplements by reputed brands like Dr. Morepen come enriched with natural stress relievers such as Ashwagandha and Ginkgo Biloba which reduce cortisol production in the body and uplift mood by relieving stress. A lowering of cortisol also boosts alertness and makes you feel energetic and active throughout the day.These are a few healthful reasons to include multivitamin tablets in your daily routine every day and go healthy. Besides, including leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables in your everyday diet makes a great way to replenish your body and maintain a healthy body weight. If you are naturally nourished and keeping in good health, that’s great! If not, Multivitamin supplements make an easy way to get closer to a well-nourished body and optimal health.

Multivitamin Supplements for Women Price-list with Combo Pack in India Online – Dr. Morepen

 Products Prices Average Rating
Multivitamin Women & Omega 3 Triple Strength Rs. 1259 4.9
Multivitamin Women & PCOS Powder 250g Rs. 1499 4.7
Multivitamin Women & Biotin+ Rs. 1199 5
Multivitamin Tablets For Women pack of 2 Rs. 1398.60 5


Offers on Multivitamin Tablets for Women Products 2022:


Products Prices Offer Average Rating
Multivitamin Women & Omega 3 Triple Strength Rs. 1259 40% 4.9
Multivitamin Women & PCOS Powder 250g Rs. 1499 40% 4.7
Multivitamin Women & Biotin+ Rs. 1199 40% 5
Multivitamin Tablets For Women pack of 2 Rs. 1398.60 30% 5


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