Handle matters of your Heart with Care

Handle matters of your Heart with Care
Every relationship has a secret ingredient, for some it’s going out, for other is it is staying in and
doing the things they love together.
But at the same time, there are some common ingredients too that add up to make anyone’ s
relationship stronger and healthier. The ingredients are respecting & acknowledging each other,
giving each other the correct time & space to grow and last but not the least loving each other no
matter what!
With time people forget a thing or two about what has been keeping them going. They tend to
forget how to keep their relationship alive!
RECOGNIZE THE PROBLEM Staying up late scrolling through your phone, ignoring each other’s
presence, not talking to each other, pretending to acknowledge what your partner said, running
away from getting intimate are all signs of a dying relationship.
You are not alone when you experience the urge to not get physical with your partner,
approximately one in every 10 women experience a decrease in sexual drive at some point in her
As your bond grows over time and adapts to different patterns that you follow, intimacy follows that
pattern, too.
Once your relationship matures, your intimacy tends to reduce as you don’t talk about it as much as
you used to when your relationship was new and in its honeymoon phase! It is very important to pay
attention to how you and your partner are relating to one another in and out of the bedroom.
If your marriage is strong and it’s just your intimate life that’s lacking.
Here are some tips to get your intimate life strong & going:
Identify your needs
Get to know the other person’s desires
Talk about what the other person wants, and respect that
Make an effort in the relationship
Plan date nights
Never miss a chance to take charge and feel confident about it!
Redefine your intimacy in your own words, and if you still feel that your stamina has reduced over
time, no need to worry as we have got your back!
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