Listing the best natural testosterone booster foods

Listing the best natural testosterone booster foods

Testosterone is the key hormone in both men and women. Though men have them in higher amounts, women have a relatively smaller amount of t-levels in their bodies. Most men experience a decline in testosterone with growing age, leading to low energy levels, inability to gain lean muscle mass, and poor reproductive health. While low testosterone can affect you in several ways, most men look out for natural remedies to help them pull up their t-levels. Fortunately, there are certain foods that can help you ramp up t-levels for optimal desire & drive. Before we roll out the list of best natural testosterone-booster foods, let’s first discuss testosterone in detail and what causes low testosterone levels in males.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is one of the vital hormones in males that are responsible for maintaining healthy desire & drive in men apart from deepening the voice, defining masculinity, and growth of facial hairs. While men with high levels of testosterone are found to have a satisfying love life and better physical stamina, men who are deficient in testosterone often struggle to perform. Earlier, low testosterone was clearly seen as a repercussion of growing age; nowadays, even men of younger age are found to be testosterone deficient. Let’s take a look at some common causes of low testosterone in men.

Causes of low testosterone in men

Low testosterone or low hypogonadism is a medical condition that can happen due to the following reasons-

  • Testicular injuries & infections
  • Cancer treatments- chemo & radiation therapy
  • Corticosteroids or opiate pain relievers
  • Genetic disorders
  • Increasing stress
  • Bad lifestyle habits

Top testosterone-boosting foods


Oysters are rich in Zinc, a mineral that is known for its testosterone-boosting properties. As zinc deficient men are found to be testosterone deficient, including Oysters along with other seafood can help boost testosterone production in males. Eating oysters or foods loaded with Zinc helps produce nitric oxide in the body and helps you enjoy greater satisfaction during love-making.


Ginger, the cousin of turmeric, is known for its testosterone-boosting properties. Including ginger paste in your meals or tea every day resolves problems related to reproductive health. Besides, valuable compounds in Ginger improve metabolism and help the body to fight against infections, diseases, and allergies.


Tuna makes a rich source of vitamin D, which is primarily known for strengthening bones and immunity. Interestingly; eating vitamin D-rich foods can help boost testosterone in men. Thus, eating fatty fish like tuna or salmon can be favorable for men looking for foods to boost testosterone naturally. Apart from pulling up the t-levels, eating tuna every day offers a multitude of health benefits. A study shows that people who eat tuna regularly are less likely to suffer dry eyes as compared to people who don’t eat fish.
In addition to vitamin D and Omega-3, tuna contains a rich amount of proteins, an essential nutrient for energy production. It may be one of the reasons why many healthcare companies sell Men’s Multivitamin tablets with Testosterone Boosters for Men online.


If you’re a fruit lover, Grapes make a great addition to your list of testosterone-boosting foods. Resveratrol in grapes plays a crucial role in pulling up testosterone in men and also promotes the production of male gametes. Making grapes a part of your daily diet helps increase epididymal motility of the male reproductive cells. Grapes come packed with healthful nutrients that improve metabolism, and immunity and protect you against a variety of infections and diseases. A high concentration of antioxidants in grapes fights free radicals in the body and helps prevent cellular damage. Besides, an array of vitamins and minerals in the juicy fruit replenishes the body and ensures overall health.


Have you ever wondered why honey is associated with a better love life? Well, it's because honey contains Boron, a natural element that helps metabolize vitamins & minerals in the body, and also uplifts testosterone levels in men. However, you should not overheat honey as it is high in sugars and overheating honey can be harmful to people suffering from diabetes. Alongside managing testosterone levels, incorporating honey in your skincare routine can help you revive skin radiance. If you’re the one who craves soft skin and strengthen nails, include Biotin tablets by reputed brands like Dr. Morepen for the best beauty and health benefits.


Spinach contains a high concentration of magnesium which is known to improve blood flow in the body. Eating appreciable amounts of spinach regulates blood circulation and more blood flow to the genitals means stronger desire and drive. Also, valuable minerals in spinach prevent the binding of certain proteins with testosterone, thus making more testosterone available in your body.

Apart from boosting t-levels, valuable compounds such as Zeaxanthin & Lutein in spinach help improve eye health as well.

Red meat

Red meat comes packed with a high amount of vitamin D and zinc. If you aren’t aware, a higher level of zinc in your body equals higher levels of testosterone. Also, not having enough t-level in your body can make it difficult for you to stay longer in bed. But, that doesn’t mean you must start consuming red meat in high quantities because it will not do any good to your health. Red meat is high in complex proteins and overconsumption of red meat can cause a variety of health problems such as kidney stones and even serious troubles such as colon cancer. Therefore, it's best to include lean cuts of red meat in your diet so that you don’t put on unwanted kilos.


Garlic makes an inevitable part of Indian cuisines for its rich aroma and taste. Do you know that strong-smelling food is known to boost testosterone levels as well? Yes, that’s true! Allicin in Garlic is said to reduce cortisol production in the body. Less cortisol means higher levels of testosterone. While eating raw garlic can be unpleasant as not everyone is a great fan of its taste. Trust us, eating raw garlic on an empty stomach in the morning boosts the level of testosterone in the body which you need to sustain energy throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for remedies to power up your lean muscle mass gain or improve bedroom performance, including garlic as testosterone-boosting food in your diet can help reach your athletic and love-making goals.

These are a few testosterone-boosting foods you can incorporate into your diet to experience the best of energy & drive. Start now and stay energized.

FAQs for Top testosterone-boosting foods

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a male hormone that defines masculinity, desire & drive in men. The hormone surges in men during puberty and declines with growing age, affecting their stamina and reproductive health.

Do women too have testosterone?

Yes, but in relatively smaller amounts than men.

Can exercising regularly boost the levels of testosterone in men?

Staying active and exercising regularly is great for overall health and helps uplift testosterone levels.

Is it safe to take testosterone boosters?

Herbal testosterone boosters are relatively safe and more effective than synthetic ones.

Can foods improve testosterone?

Yes, certain foods are known for their testosterone-boosting abilities. Including garlic, oysters and fruits make a great remedy to boost testosterone.

Which is the best herbal testosterone booster to buy online?

Nowadays, several brands are coming up with herbal testosterone boosters. Dr. Morepen’s Testo Boost and Shilajit are a few of the best testosterone boosters you can find online.

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