Make the uncalled Burns go away the Right Way!

Make the uncalled Burns go away the Right Way!

Every now and then while working in the kitchen or while we are handling something that has fire in it, we tend to get some burns, most of them are first degree burns but if we are careless enough they might turn into second or third degree burns.

While we may know that burning makes us whine in pain there are a lot of other things that we do not know about burns and how to treat them.

Burning penetrates through all your skin layers causing an intense amount of pain. And then comes the stage where we have to treat those burns.

We often wonder if we can cure or treat a burn at home, well, yes you can but it really just depends on the severity of the burns. Determining the severity of the burn can be a little confusing if you haven’t dealt with a lot of burns.

It usually goes this way:

  • First degree burns: These burns are basically like a sunburn where the skin turns red and it hurts but it doesn’t blister and it doesn’t peel.
  • Second degree burns: This type of burn blisters and sometimes can even peel on its own revealing pink, juicy skin. They are a little more painful than first degree burns.
  • Third degree burns: These burns can blister and peel but the skin underneath looks white and dry.

These burns can be very painful but if the nerve is damaged, they may not hurt at all. The only thing you need to do before figuring out what type of burn it is to get away from the source of fire and stop the burning process by running extremely cold water on the injured area.

But while you’re doing that keep in mind that putting ice on the burnt area might lead to the tissues being damaged. And if there is any clothing involved around or on the area, please remove it immediately.

Well, first degree burns can be easily treated at home by treating and comforting them with anti-inflammatory medication such as Dr Morepen’s Burnol Anti-Septic Cream and spray, a personal care product which provides instant & quick relief from first degree burns!

Second degree burns need a little bit of extra care and third degree burns need your complete attention while being treated specifically.

So, next time while working with something that involves fire make sure you are cautious and well prepared with Dr Morepen’s Burnolin your First Aid kit!

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