Protein – Food for Your Cells, Literally!

Protein – Food for Your Cells, Literally!

Everyone needs protein! One of the three main classes of food, protein is food for your cells, it is also known as the cell’s “building blocks”. Protein is essential to repair cells, build muscle mass, and maintain overall health. The importance of protein is well documented around the world.

However, India's protein consumption is much lower than the 48 grams/day as recommended by the Indian Council of Medical Research. The recommended dietary allowance of protein for an average Indian adult is 0.8 to 1 gm per kg body weight, but the average intake is about 0.6 gm per kg body weight.

Unfortunately, lack of protein can have devastating outcomes on health. Over time, inadequate protein can lead to loss of muscle mass, slows down metabolism, reduce energy which can make you feel tired. It can also lead to skin degeneration and even anaemia. Hence, it is pertinent that protein is a part of everyone’s diet.

If protein is so good for us why are not people not consuming it?

One of the contributing reasons could be a lack of a diversified diet, that is, we are not having enough variety of food in our meals to meet the protein needs.

Moreover, recently protein, especially protein supplements, have been largely attributed for the use of those people who are looking to build “big muscles” or lose weight. Hence, some people may not eat enough protein if they’re not looking at these factors.

However, considering the fact that protein is absolutely essential and our diet may not always be enough, whey protein has emerged as an excellent option. It is a great addition to your daily diet which meets your protein requirements.

Dr. Morepen’s Muscle Food Protein Powder

Our protein supplement is an easy to digest 100% pure whey protein to enhance your protein intake. Sweetened using stevia, it is perfect for the calorie conscious consumer as well as people living with diabetes.

Moreover, one of the biggest benefits of Dr. Morepen’s Muscle Food Protein Powder is that it is made using hydrolysed protein which is super easy to digest and gets absorbed in the cells quickly.

Available in delicious watermelon flavour, you can have one or two glasses everyday as per your requirement. Stay energised all day long with Dr. Morepen Muscle Food Protein. Get yours today!

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