Testo Boost (60 Tablets)
Testo Boost (60 Tablets)
Testo Boost (60 Tablets)
Testo Boost (60 Tablets)
Testo Boost (60 Tablets)
Testo Boost (60 Tablets)
Testo Boost (60 Tablets)
Testo Boost (60 Tablets)
Testo Boost (60 Tablets)
Testo Boost (60 Tablets)

Testo Boost (60 Tablets)

4.5 | 465 Reviews

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Product highlights
  • Supports Muscle Strength
  • Helps to Improve Stamina
  • Better Endurance
  • Helps to Gain Muscle Mass
  • Physical & Mental Performance

Concerns: Low Stamina, Weak Muscle Strength & Endurance

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Product Description   (Testo Boost (60 Tablets))

As we all know Testosterone is the key hormone that is responsible for men’s optimal health. Testosterone levels generally peak during adolescence & early adulthood. As you get older, your testosterone level started to decline gradually which leads to low energy levels, loss of muscle mass & strength, gain in weight, & decrease in bone density. Dr. Morepen Testo Boost is a testosterone booster supplement for men. It is a scientifically proven formula, enriched with ayurvedic herbs, amino acids, & energy boosters that naturally elevate testosterone levels to support endurance, strength, & stamina. The blend of powerful ingredients like Gokshura, Ginseng, Ashwagandha, L-Arginine & Ophiocordyceps Sinensis helps build lean muscle mass & improve metabolism. A safe & effective supplement to improve overall wellness.

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Benefits   (Testo Boost (60 Tablets))

Gokshura 250, Safed Musli 100, Ashwagandha 100, L arginine 100, Cordiceps 40,Piperine 5


MANUFACTURER'S ADDRESS: Bliss Lifesciences LLP, 15 Mangal Compound, Indore, M.P. India

MARKETER'S ADDRESS: Dr. Morepen Limited, Antriksh Bhawan, 22 K.G. Marg, New Delhi - 110001.

BRAND INFO: For Dr. Morepen, recognizing opportunity comes from recognizing needs! With the advent of busy lifestyles and the increasing awareness of wellness, it was imperative that the Indian consumers had the option of getting the finest self-health care products within reach. Little wonder that Dr. Morepen stepped in. Build on a trust of 35 years, Dr. Morepen offer the best quality Fast Moving Health Goods to its customers!

FAQ's   (Testo Boost (60 Tablets))

Is testo boost safe for everyone?

Testo Boost is safe for everyone except those who have prostate cancer or a history of heart problems Please consult your healthcare professional before consuming this product.

Is testo boost safe for diabetic person?

Yes, it’s safe but please consult your healthcare professional before consuming this product.

How long does it take to see results from testo boost?

For best result, you should consume for 2-3 months.

What are the precautions I need to take while having testo boost supplements?

Lower your stress level, get 7-8 hours of sleep and exercise, Reduce your sugar intake.

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Testosterone Boosters?

There is no such side effect that has been noticed. Side effects may occur if consume more than the recommended dosage.

Is testo boost a steroid?

No, Testo boost is a herbal supplement that helps increase your testosterone levels naturally.

Can women take testo boost?

No, women can’t take testo boost as it will cause side effects such as acne, extra hair growth, weight gain, and fluid retention. Some women have mood swings and become angry or hostile.

Ratings & Reviews of   (Testo Boost (60 Tablets))

465 reviews for Testo Boost (60 Tablets)

  1. Soham

    Helped my build a strong and lean body!

  2. Abhay Singh

    Fantastic supplement. I am happy because increasing the number of tablets from 30 to 60. And the rate is still very good.

  3. Dixit

    Packaging quality is very good. The ingredients used in this are also better than most other herbal test boosters. Waiting to see what effect it has on me, will update after a month

  4. saiket banerjee

    This product can be used for office goers and early gym bros. If you’re looking for the best level testro boost then roids are your only option. But it’s an overall good product, make sure you take it twice daily. Even on your rest days.

  5. manoj joman

    Reading all the good reviews about the product I ordered this capsule and my first impression is good. As it contains all good natural ingredients I feel it is really gonna work well for me.. as my testosterone levels were low.. also impressed with the quality packaging.

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Testosterone booster supplements & their best benefits

Nowadays, the demand for testosterone-booster supplements has grown relentlessly. Many men (both old and young) often struggle to maintain energy and struggle to perform. If you are one of them, testosterone deficiency may be the culprit behind it. Here, you would like to discover ways that can help you pull up your t-level and often end up browsing the internet for hours. However, not every product available online that claims to improve your testosterone levels is not effective and safe. Fortunately, natural testosterone boosters marketed by reputed and certified brands are often safe for everyday use and provide great results. Before we dig into the best sexual wellness products for men that make wonderful testosterone boosters, let’s first know about testosterone and its role in males. 


Testosterone and its role in the human body

Testosterone is one of the primary hormones found in males. Though women too have it in relatively smaller amounts, having it in healthy levels is crucial for males to stay active, energized, and charged for improved performance. The levels of testosterone surge during puberty and the hormone are responsible for the development of facial hairs, deepening of the voice, and lean muscle mass gain in males. A dip in the testosterone level not only affects your physical strength but can take a toll on your emotional well-being, desire, and romantic relationships. Nowadays, it’s common to find a large number of men suffering from testosterone deficiency. All thanks to growing stress at the workplace, bad lifestyle habits, nutritional deficiencies, age, and genetics. Though testosterone deficiency is common, certain natural supplements make wonderful testosterone boosters. This write-up opens up to some of the most effective and safe herbal testosterone boosters. 


Best men’s health products: testosterone boosters

Nowadays, supermarkets and pharmacy stores are loaded with synthetic testosterone boosters which may have adverse effects on your health. But, natural testosterone boosters are relatively far safer and more effective than synthetic ones. Here are a few testosterone boosters that come enriched with natural ingredients and make the best health supplements for men. 

Shilajit is one of the most admired herbal supplements in Ayurveda for all the good it can do to your body. It is a grayish herbo-mineral produced by the decomposition of the plant matter that gets stuck in between the rocks in the Himalayan Mountain and transforms into a resin over time. Since ancient times, folk communities of India have been collecting this natural resin drizzling through the cracks in the Himalayas and using it to treat a range of sexual problems in men. The natural supplement comes enriched with more than 80 trace minerals such as Fulvic acid and humic acid alongside a range of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The nutrient-rich resin diligently pulls up the testosterone levels in males and improves their desire and drive. Whether you are dealing with a poor drive for romance or struggling to achieve lean muscle mass despite sweating out in the gym for hours, shilajit can help you reach your health goals fast. 

Shilajit is long-known as a potent rejuvenator and helps the body with cell renewal. Besides, the powerful anti-inflammatory compounds in shilajit help relieve inflammation and its antioxidant agents fight free radicals to reduce oxidative stress in the body. Since Shilajit makes a rich source of essential vitamins & minerals, most health and beauty experts swear by Shilajit’s anti-aging benefits and effectiveness in improving skin and hair health as well. This means the natural testosterone booster is great not only for improving your physical stamina and desire but can help you stay youthful and radiant by slowing down the pace of aging. Thus, incorporating shilajit capsules or resin can bring a remarkable improvement in your testosterone levels. 



Gokshura, also known as Tribulus terrestris, is an annual plant native to India and other Asian countries. The herb is widely admired for its healthy properties, especially for its ability to boost testosterone levels in men. The herb makes a traditional remedy not only for men but women as well. Thanks to its high nutritional value. However, we will be focussing on what makes Gokshura one of the best health supplements for men

Nowadays, many men experience exhaustion, poor drive, and stamina which at first seems to be a repercussion of nutritional deficiencies, increasing stress at the workplace, and many others. However, a majority of men experiencing such troubles are found to have dwindling testosterone levels.

Gokshura comes loaded with terrestrosins A, E, flavonoid glycosides, and saponins that not only deep nourish the body but diligently pull up your testosterone levels. The humble herb comes packed with a high concentration of antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body and reduce inflammation. Gokshura is revered by most fitness enthusiasts for its potential to aid faster lean muscle mass gain. The humble herb is believed to boost energy production for intense workouts by improving the levels of testosterone in males. Besides, the anti-inflammatory compounds in Gokshura tablets reduce muscle soreness and prepare the body for faster muscle recovery after heavy workouts such as weight training. 

Gokshura not only makes a wonderful testo booster but offers a myriad of health benefits. Another impressive benefit of using gokshura supplements is improved urinary health in both men and women. The active compounds in gokshura help the body fight urinary tract infections and prevent the formation of kidney stones as well. If you are looking for a natural remedy that can help you achieve optimal testosterone levels alongside maintaining better stamina and urinary health, supplementing with Gokshura every day is the best thing to do. Also, using certain sexual wellness products for men such as exygra spray alongside supplementing with testosterone boosters can help you enjoy night bliss with your partner for longer. 

DHA Omega-3 supplement-

While we endorse DHA Omega-3 supplements such as fish oil capsules as a remedy to boost testosterone; a lot of you would be skeptical about it. No matter how weird it sounds, Omega-3 supplements are known to boost testosterone in men. While essential Omega-3 such as DHA and EPA found in fish oil supplements are linked with better heart and brain health, certain studies have shown that men who regularly consume these health supplements have better testosterone levels than those who don’t consume fish oil supplements. 

What should you look out while buying natural testosterone boosters?

Testosterone is a crucial hormone in the human body and choosing the right testosterone booster that suits your body requirement is exceptionally important. Though eating a nutritious diet, drinking plenty of water, working out regularly, and ensuring good lifestyle practices make some effective remedies to boost testosterone; sometimes, you need some health supplements for added benefits. 

You must check the labels and the packaging to ensure that the ingredients mentioned are clinically proven to improve testosterone levels without any side effects. 

Apart from that, it’s always best to check that the product is certified and marked safe for use. Nowadays, many healthcare companies are coming up with several supplements that claim to boost testosterone. But, not all of them work the way they claim. Rather, many of them come loaded with fad ingredients and may not work the way they’re intended to. Therefore, you must always pick a supplement from a reputed and trusted brand. 


Where can I buy testosterone boosters at an affordable price?

Testosterone boosters have carved a niche in both online and offline marketplaces. Nowadays, it’s common to find the supplement aisle of a supermarket, local drug stores, and even online portals to be loaded with several t-boosters. However, you must be extra careful while picking a supplement for yourself. We at Dr. Morepen are committed to providing our customers with premium-quality, certified, and safe testosterone boosters at affordable prices. You can browse our entire range of health supplements at a reasonable price online. 

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