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Intebact Probiotic laxative - Best Solution for Constipation

Intebact Probiotic laxative - Best Solution for Constipation

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Product Highlights

  • Relieves Constipation Naturally
  • 100% Reaches Colon
  • Stable at Stomach PH
  • Natural Taste & No Smell
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Product Description

Most of us have heard about Probiotics, they are good for Gut Health and help increase the number of good bacteria in our intestines. But most of us don't know about its huge benefits and what happens if our Gut lacks a good amount of Probiotics. So why do we need probiotics, and what happens if we lack a good amount?

We need Probiotics for lots of reasons as they reduce constipation, increase immunity, reduce bloating, help in proper digestion and improve regular bowel movement, help to prevent diarrhea, gas, and flatulence, and increase nutrient absorption for the overall wellness of health.

Why Dr. Morepen Intebact Lax? Dr. Morepen Intebact Lax Probiotics naturally support good intestinal functioning and regular bowel movement. Intebact Lax is recommended for constipation and irregular bowel movements, with sensations of heaviness, bloatedness, and flatulence. It is rapidly effective from day one. Intebact Lax contains 2 substances that are all the more active in the presence of flora imbalance. The combination of this prebiotic and probiotic is known as a symbiotic.

The Probiotics in Intebact Lax are protected by Intelicaps Probiotic Technology (for the 1st Time in India). As per the SHINE study, it is the No. 1 technology that is worldwide patented and scientifically proven. Under this technology, the probiotics are completely protected inside the microencapsulation, guaranteeing superior survival of the bacteria, increasing the quality of the product, and enhancing its activity. Due to Intelicaps technology, Dr. Morepen Intebact Lax probiotics reach the Gut 100%. They only get outside the microencapsulation once they reach the colon, i.e., at the pH of 6-7, which is slightly basic. They are fully live bacteria and can be checked under a microscope. Once they reach the colon, they start to colonize immediately and increase their number from 3 Billion to 100 Billion quickly. It could be helpful in both digestion and indigestion-related problems.

What to consider before buying Probiotics? We all know that it is very important to consider the number of CFUs before buying probiotics. The more numbers like 10 Billion, 50 Billion, or 100 Billion CFUs probiotics have, the better it would be. But it is just a myth; this is not about how many CFUs a probiotic has; it is about how many of them reach the colon and colonize. More than 90% of probiotics get killed in the stomach because it has a pH of 2-3, which is not ideal for bacteria to survive. So, most of them get killed, and only around 10% reach the gut. It is essential to consider how many probiotics reach the gut safely and colonize. To solve this problem, Dr. Morepen has come up with a solution and launched Dr. Morepen’s Intebact Lax, which reaches 100% in the colon and colonizes 10x faster than normal probiotics.


Detox & Cleanse
Easy Stool Movement
Natural Yet Strong
Non Habit Forming
World Wide Patented Probiotics
Fast Relief from Constipation
  • Add 5g Powder in a 200-250ml glass of water or juice or with breakfast cereals in a day.
  • Consume immediately after reconstitution.
  • Brand Name: Morepen Laboratories Ltd.
  • Marketed By: Dr. Morepen Limited 409, Antriksh Bhawan, 22 K.G. Marg, New Delhi-110001
  • Manufacturer By: Imported from Belgium (World Wide Patented Technology)



Dr. Morepen is a fully-owned subsidiary of Morepen Laboratories. A legacy of 35 years and continuing, Morepen Laboratories has brought some of the most trusted health products to you, recommended by doctors and accredited by international bodies. As a brand, Dr. Morepen has always preached the mantra "Health in Your Hands" with a pure vision of empowering individuals with solutions to take care of their own health and physical & emotional well-being.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
David Miller
Works Like a Charm !!

Intebact Probiotic Laxative has been a helpful addition to my routine. It's not an overnight cure, but within a few days, I noticed a significant improvement in regularity. The tasteless powder mixes well, and I appreciate the natural approach to constipation relief.

That's fantastic to hear! We're thrilled that you're finding relief from constipation with our probiotic. Thanks for sharing your positive experience and recommending our product! High five right back at you!

Relief at Last!!

For years, I'd dealt with occasional constipation, making me feel sluggish and uncomfortable. Intebact Probiotic Laxative has been a lifesaver! It's gentle yet effective, providing relief within a day or two without the harsh side effects of other laxatives. I love that it's a probiotic too, promoting gut health. Highly recommend!

That's fantastic to hear! We're thrilled that you're finding relief from constipation with our probiotic. Thanks for sharing your positive experience and recommending our product! High five right back at you!

Mohan Rao Rao

I don't like the product and I wanted to return the product and you fellow never answered

John Mathew
It's good for my Constipation

really good.
my Doctor recommended me

Mohinder Singh

I was skeptical at first, but Dr. Morepen Intebact Lax exceeded my expectations. It's gentle on my stomach yet incredibly effective.