Building your Immunity Today’s Go-To Mantra

Building your Immunity Today’s Go-To Mantra

The most important lesson that COVID-19 has taught us is that good immunity is important to fight infections, no matter how novel the disease. The term “building immunity” has been thrown around for decades, and now more than ever. WhatsApp uncles and next-door aunties will tell you their “gharelunuskas”that will take your immunity to the next level.

But here’s what we say, the best way to grow your immunity is to learn about it and inform yourself using credible and scientific sources of information.

As far as immunity is concerned, it’s a simple principle, a healthy body means good immunity. So, if we lead a life which keeps us in overall good health, our immunity will build naturally. Immunity is not rocket science, hence, even growing immunity is a simple yet consistent process.

To get you startedon the journey, here are a few nutritionists- and experts-approved ways for strong immunity: Leading an active life – Exercising regularly is proven to grow immunity among children and adults. There’s no one way to remain active, do what suits you, whether it is running, swimming, walking, or playing a sport, but do it consistently.

Eating fruits and vegetables – We cannot overstate this enough, eat local and seasonal vegetables and fruits. It is nature literally telling you to eat what it is giving you. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables are the key to good immunity. Sleeping deep and well – Our lives are busy and we need rest. Often stress or late-night schedules disrupts our sleep cycle.

But studies have suggested that deep and restful sleep is important to have a strong immune system. Maintaining basic hygiene– Wash your hands often and properly. This simple practice keeps infections and diseases at bay. A sparkling outside leads to a clean internal system, which helps build and maintain immunity. Leading a stress-free life – Studies around the world have shown that anxiety and stress lower immunity.

While it is not always possible to remain stress-free, it is recommended to do the most to have a positive mental attitude. Refraining from smoking and drinking – It is quite obvious that anything which is detrimental to your health will spoil your immunity. Hence, smoking is a big no-no.

Even if you drink, do it in moderation, however, it is better to avoid it as far as possible. Despite demanding careers and personal lives, people have started to prioritize their health.

By including high-quality natural and effective products, such as Vitamin C gummies, Immuniply Curcumin tablets, Chyawanprash, AyushKwath, they have made immunity an easily attainable goal for themselves and their families. While immunity doesn’t build overnight, these habits can beadapted almost immediately in your life. Take the first step, the positive results will encourage you to lead a better, healthier life.

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