Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg

Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg

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Product highlights
  • Supports Heart Health
  • Supports Brain, Eye & Joint Health
  • Boosts Memory & Cognition
  • Faster Post-Workout Recovery
  • Healthy Skin & Hair

Product Description   (Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg)

Dr. Morepen introduces Deep Sea Omega-3 fish oil supplement for improved heart health, cognition, and stronger bones. Our Omega-3 fish oil softgels come enriched with essential fatty acids such as Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) our bodies need to stay in good health and function well. Though our bodies produce these polyunsaturated fats in small amounts; we need to get plenty of them either through diet or supplements for overall wellness.

Our Deep Sea Omega-3 capsules come brimming with ultra-pure and microfiltered Omega-3 fish oil derived from Deep Sea Peruvian Anchovies. Each of these soft gel capsules contains 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA alongside vitamin A, D, and E to replenish your body for improved heart, brain, and bone health. Powerful Omega-3 fatty acids in our supplement diligently work to promote heart health by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Besides, key nutrients in this fish oil supplement improve blood circulation and regulate blood pressure for better heart functions.

Around 60% of the human brain is made of fats and most of them are Omega-3 fats. Therefore, getting plenty of Omega-3 fats (EPA and DHA) is crucial for the regulation of brain functions. These essential nutrients ensure the proper transmission of messages between the nerves and chemical messengers in the brain for proper body functions. Also, getting enough of these nutrients every day improves cognition, memory power, and concentration for improved everyday performance.

As you age, your bones and joints become weak and painful due to depleting bone mineral density and increased inflammation. The key nutrients such as vitamin D and K2 along with healthy fats in our Omega-3 fish oil supplement aid calcium absorption in the body to keep bones strong & healthy. Besides, the anti-inflammatory compounds in our fish oil capsules reduce inflammation in the joints and muscles to ensure pain-free joint movements and improve quality of life.

Our microfiltered and premium-quality Deep Sea Omega-3 capsules are free from heavy metals like mercury and lead. Plus, they don’t cause fishy aftertaste or burps.

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Benefits   (Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg)

Fish oil 1000mg
EPA 180mg
DHA 120mg
Vitamin A (retinyl Palmitate) 600mcg
Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) 400 IU
Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) 7.5mg
Vitamin K27 (Menaquinone) 30mcg


MANUFACTURER'S ADDRESS: Bliss Lifesciences LLP, 15 Mangal Compound, Indore, M.P. India

MARKETER'S ADDRESS: Dr. Morepen Limited, Antriksh Bhawan, 22 K.G. Marg, New Delhi - 110001.

BRAND INFO: For Dr. Morepen, recognizing opportunity comes from recognizing needs! With the advent of busy lifestyles and the increasing awareness of wellness, it was imperative that the Indian consumers had the option of getting the finest self-health care products within reach. Little wonder that Dr. Morepen stepped in. Build on a trust of 35 years, Dr. Morepen offer the best quality Fast Moving Health Goods to its customers!

FAQ's   (Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg)

Why is fish oil required?

Our body needs Omega 3 fatty acids for several vital functions but omega 3 cannot be produced by our body.  Omega 3 can only be taken from food or supplements we consume. Omega 3 is mostly found in fish, marine algae, and plant seeds. However, our modern diets are rarely able to provide the required quantity in a bioavailable form so for our well-being, we should take omega 3 supplements.

Primary Nutrients in fish oil supplement?

Fish oil contains long-chain fatty acids like EPA and DHA that are good fats required for our body to function at its best abilities. These fatty acids are also necessary for our body to absorb several nutrients effectively.

Source of omega in Dr Morepen Fish oil

Deep Sea Peruvian Anchovy Fish

Is this product Free from heavy metals?


What is the method of extraction?

Dr. Morepen Fish oil is cold-pressed, molecularly distilled, and micro-filtered.

Benefits of Fish oil.

It helps to improve heart health, better hair and skin, higher energy levels and improved immunity, Joint strength.

How did Fish Oil help to improve performance?

Omega-3 is a powerful anti-oxidant that prevents any oxidative damage and also aids in faster muscle recovery. Fish oil also reduces tenderness and inflammation in the joints to ensure more mobility and flexibility of your joints.

How does Fish oil help in Muscle development?

EPA and DHA in fish oil boost muscle synthesis and prevent muscle breakdown it heps result in lean muscle development.

How and when should fish oil should be taken?

After a meal/healthy fat-rich meal along with plenty of water.

Does it have a fishy aftertaste?


What should do if I missed a dose?

Please take the next dose as per schedule do not double up the dose the next day.

Is this product halal certified


Source of gelatin


Is it safe for kids ?


What Are EPA and DHA ?

Omega 3 fatty acids are a group of about 11 fatty acid types. Two of these are docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). EPA and DHA are the most important because the body first converts any other type of Omega 3 fatty acids to either EPA or DHA and then uses them to carry out vital tasks.

Can I consume it with milk?


Ratings & Reviews of   (Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg)

580 reviews for Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 1000mg

  1. Soni

    wow … good product, Highly recommended thanks.

  2. Vijay

    Extremely good product. Value for money as it is very reasonably priced for such a big bottle. It is much cheaper than the other brands available in the market. They are easy to swallow because of its capsule form and without having to bear the fishy taste.

  3. Alisha

    Nothing surprising. Average

  4. Rishi

    My immunity has improved a lot due to this supplement

  5. Neenu

    Great product.

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Best Omega-3 fish oil capsules for overall well-being

Omega-3 capsules are one of the most revered supplements of today’s era and there is a healthy reason for that. Fish oil supplements come enriched with essential nutrients such as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) omega-3 fatty acids that are crucial for the human heart, brain, bones, eyes, etc. Right from kids to older adults, omega-3 fatty acids play a vital role in improving their physical and mental health. The healthful supplement is great not only for improving cognition but aids faster muscle recovery and supports bone and joint health in sportspersons and the elderly. While there are ample healthy reasons to include fish oil pills in your fitness regimes; it is equally important to know more about it in detail. Therefore, we have decided to go a whole nine yards to bring you some important information on Omega-3 fish oil supplements. Let’s understand.

What is Omega-3 fish oil supplement?

Fatty fishes such as cold water Peruvian Anchovies and Krill fishes contain a high amount of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fats. Fish oil is derived from the tissues of fatty fishes and is admired by fitness experts for its high nutritional value. For those who don’t know what Omega-3 fats really are; they’re the essential nutrients that the human body can’t produce on its own and we need to get them from different food sources such as seafood and nuts. Dieticians suggest eating at least three servings of fatty fish per week; however, most of us miss out on including fatty fish in our diet. In such cases, supplementing with Omega-3 fish oil capsules make a convenient way to replenish your body with essential nutrients. The few common types of fish oil are as follows-

Natural fish oil:
It is the type of fish oil derived from the tissues of fatty fish. It comes packed with a high concentration of healthy fats. Besides, the natural fish oil contains vitamin A, D, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Processed fish oil:
Processed fish oil undergoes a refining process to convert the triglycerides into esters and to adjust the concentration of EPA and DHA.

Omega-3 capsules:
These make the best omega-3 fish oil capsules you can find both online and in your nearest pharmacy stores. The omega-3 soft gels contain a high amount of EPA and DHA and the enteric coating on these soft gels ensures that the gelatin capsule does not get completely dissolved until it reaches the intestines. Besides, high-quality Omega-3 supplements from reputed brands like Dr. Morepen do not cause fishy aftertaste or burps.

Impressive health advantages Omega-3 fish oil capsules:

Improves cardiac health:
Omega-3 fish oil is highly beneficial for your heart and a regular intake of fish oil capsules is known to improve cardiac health. Essential nutrients in Omega-3 fish oil capsules lower the levels of bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiac maladies such as heart attack, and stroke. Besides, the healthful nutrients in fish oil vasodilate the blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the body, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular ailments.

Boosts cognition:
Around 60% of the human brain is made up of healthy fats (most of which are Omega-3 fats). Getting plenty of Omega-3 fats such as EPA and DHA by including fatty fishes in your diet or including fish oil capsules in your fitness regimes helps boost cognition and concentration.

Helps reduce inflammation
Inflammation is your body’s natural response to fight infections and heal injuries. However, chronic inflammation can lead to several health maladies. Some common ones are obesity, heart diseases, depression, and diabetes. The valuable Omega-3 fats and anti-inflammatory compounds in fish oil diligently reduce inflammation in the body.

Makes bones stronger
As you age, your bone mineral density decreases, thus putting makes your bones go weak and fragile. Omega-3 fatty acids and other vital nutrients in fish oil capsules aid calcium absorption and improves bone-mineral density. An improvement in bone-mineral density makes bones stronger and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Improves immunity
The valuable nutrients in fish oil strengthen immune cells and improve immune functions in the body for overall health. Besides, fitness trainers suggest taking omega-3 tablets with testo boosters for optimal athletic performance.

Can you take fish oil capsules every day?

Health experts reveal that including fish oil tablets in your daily routine is as important as taking multivitamin tablets daily. It is because you may be lacking essential Omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA in your diet, and replenishing your body with healthful omega every day helps you stay active and alert. However, it’s important to follow dosage instructions as given on the label for best results. Overdose of fish oil capsules can make you feel lethargic and sick.

Are fish oil capsules good for the skin?

Fish oil capsules make a rich source of Omega-3 fats that helps protect the skin against cellular damage and keeps it moist, smooth, and supple. The anti-inflammatory compounds in fish oil fight free radicals in the body and reduce inflammation. Besides, the active nutrients in the natural elixir prevent dry skin and improve skin elasticity. If you’re looking for remedies to get naturally radiant and glowing skin, including Omega-3 fish oil capsules in your daily routine can take you one step closer to your health and beauty goals.

Do fish oil capsules make you fat?

When we hear about fats, the first thing that comes to mind is their ability to make you gain weight. However, certain fats are healthy and essential for your well-being. Omega-3 fats in fish oil are known to regulate metabolism and improve your physical and mental well-being. But, overdosing on fish oil capsules may result in lethargies and you may eventually experience weight gain.

How many Omega-3 fish oil capsules should you take every day?

The daily recommended dose varies brand-to-brand. Generally, it is recommended to take 1-2 capsules daily. For best results, follow the dosage instructions given on the packaging or consume as directed by your doctor.

Reasons to Buy Dr. Morepen’s fish oil supplements-

Dr. Morepen is one of the leading manufacturers of premium-quality supplements for 35 years. All our health supplements are scientifically formulated to take you closer to your fitness goals safely and effectively. Our Omega-3 fish oil capsules come brimming with ultrapure and microfiltered fish oil derived from Deep Sea Peruvian Anchovies. These fish oil capsules come brimming with 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA, the essential fatty acids required by the body to regulate the functions of the human heart, brain, eyes, and bones.
Nowadays, it’s normal to find a variety of fish oil supplements both online and in your nearest pharmacy stores. But not each of them are created equal. Many of them contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury which are harmful to your health. Dr. Morepen’s Omega-3 fish oil capsules contain premium-quality fish oil which is microfiltered and free from toxins and heavy metals. If you’re looking for natural health supplements to boost your overall health, incorporating Omega-3 fish oil capsules in your fitness regimes is probably the best thing you can do. You can buy the best Omega-3 fish oil capsules online at the best price here.

Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements Price-list with Combo Pack in India Online – Dr. Morepen

Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements Products Prices Customer Avg Rating (on a scale of 5
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil Triple Strength (60 Softgels) Rs. 824 4.6
Multivitamin Women & Omega 3 Triple Strength – Combo Pack Rs. 1469 4.9
Multivitamin men & Omega 3 Triple strength – Combo pack Rs. 1395.80 4.8
Omega-3-6-7-9 Vegetarian Capsules (60 capsules) Rs. 596.25 3.9
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil 500mg Pack of 2 Rs. 973 3.9
Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil Triple Strength Pack of 2 Rs. 1539 No Reviews

Offers on Omega-3 Supplements Products 2022:


Products Prices Reviews Offers
Omega-3-6-7-9 Vegetarian Capsules (60 capsules) Rs. 569 3.9 25%
Multivitamin Women & Omega 3 Triple Strength – Combo Pack Rs. 1469 4.9 30%


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